Retro Headboard

Retro Headboard Brings Out the Best Look of Your Bedroom

If you are looking for a nice chic outlook for your room and you are thinking of doing it within the average price you have for the purpose, you can certainly try out the Retro headboard for your bedroom.

Retro headboard is retro in nature in terms of appearance.

The headboard is of pale white with retro designs on the body. The blue prints of sailings and other parts of the ship makes it look even more retro.

The retro headboard can be placed at the back of your bed in the bedroom. The bed can be of whatever color you pick yet white is preferable. White resembles the color of the retro headboard and therefore quite agrees to the design of the bed.

Retro Feeling Inside Your Bedroom

You will feel great to have one Retro headboard in your bed room as it depicts the retro feeling of the inner you in decorating the bed according to your choice. You want your bed to represent the boldness of your choice and to uphold to status quo among your friends and family.

Your bedroom is a reflection of your personality that is mostly represented by the bed which is considered to be the center piece of your bedroom.

When You Feel Retro, Give the Same Touch to Your Bedroom:

Retro is the chic style of 60’s or 70’s that holds a unique taste in terms of color, texture and trend. You often feel like wearing polka dotted prints or winged eyeliner. If so, then why not have a bed in retro style? Retro headboard is especially designed for the tasteful mind of those who want to add a trend of the 60’s in their bedroom while incorporating a stylish bed in it. Your bed is the center piece of your bedroom and of the house as well. While introducing an entire retro look to yourself or your house and not the bed, it is incomplete. Even when you want your bedroom to have a different look while not spending much on the setting, a Retro headboard is what you need to have in your bedroom.

A bedroom tells a story about the taste of the host of the house as well of the taste of having such thoughtful mind in adding retro effect to the bed. The bed tells the story of the host to the family and friends. The bed is not a mere piece of furniture rather an asset to have for the next coming years ahead.

Dimension of the Retro Headboard:

The headboard is of a standard size to well suit the bed of yours whatever shape it may come in. the Retro headboard is white in color that is available in both King and Queen size. The dimension of the headboard in King Size is of 1830*60*1600 and the Queen size of 1530*60*1600.

The size variants are there for better accommodation within the dimension of your bedroom. You can adjust the headboard even in your themed hotel room or holiday room. Your bedroom will take on a new look having the Retro headboard a luxury bed. The retro headboard is quite reasonable and serves the purpose of you having a retro look in your beloved bedroom.

You can certainly look for other add-ons to decorate your room especially with other bedroom furniture available in Aura.

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