Rhett Butler Modern Bed

Rhett Butler Modern Bed: A Perfect Touch of Supremacy

If you want a bed to stand out of the crowd and impress the guests with its charm, Rhett Butler bed is the one for you. The bed is an exclusive and available at Aura modern bedrooms.

Your bed room takes in a new look by having the Rhett Butler modern bed. The bed is of good material and comes with a lot more comfort and class as compared with ordinary beds. Your bed is the most relaxing asset you have on earth, but for best results it needs to be comfy and classy at the same time.

A Touch of Relaxation and Comfort in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most peaceful place you can find and the thing that makes it so is the bed you own in it. Your bed is all that you need to relax in, forgetting all the tension you had and all the monotonicity of your day at the work place.

You need a sound sleep at home and that becomes possible only when you get to have a good sleep at night. Your bed is your best friend that can pacify you whenever you need it. And keep you rested anytime you want to feel relaxed. Your sleep gives you even more peace at night providing you with immense pleasure for a better day tomorrow.

The Rhett Butler modern bed is the one bed you wish to have to get the best sleep ever. Your bedroom reflects your personality. Your bedroom tells the untold story of the host in making it possible to make the house feel like a home, while the bed tells of the taste of the owner. It also upholds the status and class through the choice you make over that particular bed through the thousand other options available in the market.

The Essence of Class and Comfort:

The Rhett Butler modern bed is no ordinary bed that comes in the appearance of a structure to hold you up as you sleep. It’s more than just a regular bed available in the market and definitely depicts the choice of the mighty holder. You do not buy a bed just to fall asleep over rather you want a bed to provide you with pleasure at night. Night brings with it a lot more than being the moment of falling asleep. You often feel like having a glass of wine while in bed and that particular bed you want to be more than just a mere bedroom furniture. Rhett Butler does the same to you. It serves as a bed while you fall asleep and a partner while you stay awake and want to live every moment of that night.

Dimension of the Rhett Butler Bed:

The Rhett Butler Bed is available in King and Queen size. Aura can provide you with the one size which is more suitable for your room. The size difference of the beds is due to the different size and dimension of bedrooms.

The King sized Rhett Butler modern bed has a headboard measuring 30cm in width, 100 cm in height and 210 cm in length. The size of the footboard and sideboard is of 32 cm in width, 35 cm in height and 235 cm in length. The size of the bed slat is of 204 cm in width, 5 cm in height and 183 cm in length. The Queen sized Rhett Butler has its headboard measuring 30 cm in width, 100 cm in weight and 188 cm in length. The sideboard and foot board is of 32 cm in width, 35 cm in height and 235 cm in length. The width of the bed slat is of 204 cm, height of 5 cm and length of 153 cm.

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