Delivery Policy

Hassle-Free Home Delivery policy

At Aura we love your bed, sofa or other purchases as much as you do – so that’s why we do everything we can to make sure it arrives safe and sound – and on time.

Our delivery policy is here to help make sure this happens.


  • When your order is ready for delivery, you can collect it yourself, or we can arrange professional delivery right to your door, to take the hassle out of picking it up yourself. (This is our Standard Delivery Service – Fees apply. Check below for details)
  • Plus, our drivers can unpack and place it where it needs to go with care. (This is our Special Delivery Service – Additional fees apply. Check below for details)
  • If you wish they can also assemble it. (This is our Premium Experience Delivery Service –A premium fee applies. Check below for details)
  • With the Premium Service we also take all packaging away for you
  • The service you need is arranged and paid for before delivery
  • The Aura delivery service is available weekdays… citywide and beyond.


  • Please advise our Sales Consultant of anything we need to know that could make delivery difficult – such as stairs or restricted access
  • For example we need to know about access issues such as stairs, animals any special instructions so preparation or observation is noted
  • TIP: Prior to any purchase, we recommend that you finalize any outstanding balances 48 hours prior to delivery. Payment can be made over the phone or in any one of our stores or online via your banking account
  • Delivery will be organised once payment has cleared.


For Available Stock

  • For local (Perth Metro) deliveries – the Sales Consultant can arrange (usually) next day delivery – or delivery on a date that is suitable to both parties
  • For intrastate and interstate deliveries – the order can be despatched immediately. Actual delivery dates vary and can’t be accurately provided by the Sales Consultant

For Custom Orders and Stock in Transit to Aura

  • Custom orders are generally made and shipped to Aura for delivery to the customer within 8 weeks of a completed purchase – however delays can occur (See What About Delays below)
  • Once cleared by customs and received by Aura, all orders are despatched next day – or as requested by the customer
  • Aura has a notification system in place to keep customers advised of the shipping and delivery progress. Customers receive timely updates on the progress of the order and the ETA of its arrival. This includes notification of any delays
  • Customers can contact Aura at any time ti check on the progress of the order.

Priority delivery – Same Day

  • Priority delivery can be arranged for your delivery (within a 90min slot and a 20 km radius). Our delivery team also calls you 30-60 min before arrival
  • Our 2 man delivery team will provide the Premium Service, including delivery to your room, unpacking the items, professional assembly, clean up and removing ALL packaging materials. (This is a 2-4 hour service depot to door) and a fee of $199.00 is payable to AURA).


Standard Delivery

These are the prices for Standard home delivery- to your front door – no unwrapping or assembly – in and near Perth

  • Perth Metro (Up to 20km) – $85.00 – This is a one-man drop. We advise this service for customers wanting to save money – provided they have someone strong at home available and ready to help the driver with the lift. This is delivery only to the door. Drivers are not permitted go inside the home as they are not covered by insurance for any damage arising inside your home
  • Perth Metro Distance (Over 20km) – $125.00. This is also a one-man drop. We advise this service for customers wanting to save money – provided they have someone strong at home available and ready to help the driver with the lift.

Special Delivery

These are the prices for our 2 man Special Delivery Service to your room inside your premises– no unwrapping or assemblyin and near Perth;

  • Perth Metro (Up to 20km) – $125.00
  • Perth Metro Distance (Over 20km) – $165.00
  • The drivers are insured and take the item into the desired room (upstairs)
  • Available Wednesdays and Fridays

Premium Experience Delivery

These are the prices for our Premium Experience Delivery to your room inside – including unwrapping and assembly and wrapping removalin and near Perth;

  • Perth Metro (Up to 20km) – $199.00
  • Perth Metro Distance (Over 20km) – $259.00
  • Available Wednesdays and Fridays
  • The drivers are insured and take the item into the desired room (upstairs).


  • We use recognized carriers such as TNT and Northline for these deliveries
  • Prices vary with the load and the distance
  • Our Sales Consultant will discuss the delivery options with you during the purchase
  • All deliveries are insured and can be tracked by you using a tracking number supplied by the carrier.


  • Our staff will be pleased to discuss delivery fees and any other questions.


  • The Sales Consultant works with you to arrange the delivery date
  • For goods in stock, this can be confirmed at the time of purchase
  • For custom orders, at the time of purchase this is an approximate delivery date. It is an estimate based on current manufacturing and shipping times. This should be treated as a guide only
  • Your Sales Consultant will keep you advised as manufacturing, shipping and customs clearance information becomes available.


  • Yes.. If you need an update on shipping and delivery of custom or interstate orders, please contact Aura
  • You will be asked to advise the order details including the item you purchased and your name so that we can provide you with an updated estimate for the delivery of your order
  • After the order clears customs, and it is being delivered outside Perth or interstate – our carrier may provide a tracking number. Your Sales Consultant will make sure you receive this by email so you can watch the progress of your shipment via the courier company website.


  • Please arrange to be available for the delivery – or advise Aura of any change of your availability
  • If for any reason no one is home to receive your order at the arranged delivery time – and a second delivery is required – an additional delivery fee will be charged to your account
  • A friendly staff member will give you a call either the night before or the morning prior to delivery and let you know the 3-hour window in which your new purchase will be delivered.


  • Our Aura delivery team is big on delivering your order in pristine condition. Ensuring your new purchase arrives in perfect condition is our highest priority
  • Our delivery team will always let you know if they see any situation that might risk damage to your furniture and discuss options with you so that this is avoided.


  • Yes.. If you decide that you would prefer to collect your goods yourself, there are a few things to note…
  • Collection is currently only available at: WESTERN AUSTRALIA, PERTH – 2-40 Berriman Drive Wangara PERTH. (One of our four distribution centres)
  • Your Sales Consultant can help organise this for you and book in a pick-up time once your order is ready for collection
  • When you come to pick up your purchase you must have completed the paperwork
  • Please bring a photo ID with you
  • So that we can have your order ready, wrapped and waiting for you to collect, we need to have your request and payment all finalised 48 hours beforehand. Just a quick reminder, all balances need to be settled prior to collection from our distribution centre as we can’t release your goods without final payment being made
  • Prior to removing your goods, you are requested to check them and ensure they are undamaged
  • You will be asked to confirm the goods are undamaged and as ordered prior to removing the goods from the premises and signing our Delivery Acceptance Form
  • If a person other than the order holder is authorised to collect the goods they will be responsible for confirming the goods are undamaged on your behalf
  • Aura does not accept any responsibility for any damage that occurs when you transport your own goods.


  • Delays are nearly always confined to the delivery of custom orders that are manufactured overseas by our world-class international partners
  • This means that custom orders may be subject to delivery time variations that are outside the control of Aura. These delays can be caused by a range of factors including delays in production and dispatch from the factory, delays with customs, and delays in delivery of the container to Aura following customs clearance. Aura cannot guarantee the date and time of delivery until the goods are in our possession
  • We do our best to foresee these issues and inform you, straight away
  • 93% of our deliveries arrive before or on time (8 weeks). But occasionally longer delays do occur. 7% have been up to 4 weeks late. Our Sales Consultant keeps you informed all the way
  • Please note… Aura Designs places your order the day you order it, and we reserve all rights that cancellations and refunds due to delayed shipments or delays of any nature, do not constitute a breach of the agreement. Our timing advice is provided as an estimate only
  • Aura Designs holds no liability for delayed times due to freight, customs, and production


  • Some other things you should know are that: our delivery drivers are unable to move existing furniture into other rooms and due to OH&S requirements, they cannot remove their shoes when entering your home
  • Our delivery team will make certain that the new addition to your home is delivered safe and sound, however should you have concerns with your delivery service please contact our Customer Care team within 7 days of receiving your delivery
  • We take customer concerns seriously and have a policy and process in place to address these quickly and reasonably
  • This policy is subject to change without notice. Our Sales Consultants are available to advise you.


  • For more information please email us at
    or phone 1 300 287 223
  • Our web site is
  • We would love to see you at our shop: Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday): Address: 2/40 Berriman Drive, Wangara, W.A. 6065, Australia.